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    Mi rating: 8 I like it! I used it in the webs I develo…

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    It's so great. Please developers: continue doing this …

  • Committed [1535970] to Plugins SVN:
    Adding the banner to make my plugin look better on the plugin list of ...

  • Committed [1535967] to Plugins SVN:
    Added the icon to have a better look on the WordPress plugin list!

  • Committed [1535960] to Plugins SVN:
    Modification of the 'Z-index' and 'top' CSS parameters to ensure the ...

  • Committed [1535959] to Plugins SVN:
    'Z-index' and 'top' CSS parameters modification to ensure the message is ...

  • Committed [1535855] to Plugins SVN:
    Uploading the first version: 1.0

  • Released a new plugin, WPT Hello World

  • Committed [1535853] to Plugins SVN:
    First release of this simple plugin wich shows "Hello World" in all pages. ...

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    Awesome. Does as it says. Great!

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    Does as it says: very useful.

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    Works perfect. Very useful.