WordPress Origin Story

I wanted to be heard. To voice my opinion, encourage others to also.
I am a child of the 80’s. In 1990, the movie “Pump Up The Volume” came out and… like a lot of others in my age group…it spoke to me.
I wanted to start a radio station. But that wasn’t going to happen.

Cut to 2013. I got let go from the job I was working for a guy that canned me and stole my client (I was in sales in the city, working with fashion houses, but was an IT professional before that and during my sales days).
I was curious, and felt like it was the perfect time to create a blog.
I already had a Facebook page called Voices Film & Television. I wanted no rules though.
So I signed up for a site.
Ok…until I bumped into rules again.
Looked up how to run a WordPress site without rules…and that when I first began learning about self hosted sites.

I bought the domain name. Left for

Been here since, writing and podcasting.

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