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Living-man is under attack! This time, the enemy is coming in for another kill, since they failed at all of their other attempts to mass murder billions. These attacks of theirs will keep escalating if people remain complacent and stupid. Some of their attack methods have been in place for decades. Do people really think eating “bioengineered ingredients” is good for their body? What about the toxic nano-particles that are being spraying, day and night, on the unsuspecting people as they sleep quietly in their suburban homes. You’re probably wondering, “why would anyone do this, knowing how evil it is?” The answer is simple, they believe the lie! They believe the climate change deception. If only people would really look into these things they would discover the truth. This means a person must try to discipline themself and do some deep research so they discover what myself and billions of other awakened people throughout the world are screaming at the top of their lungs, begging people to stop what they are doing and pay close attention to what we are desperately trying to tell you. If you haven’t figured out that you are under attack yet then you are in for a shocking revelation. Ignoring the truth and the knowledge of these facts will only make your pain and suffering much worse, and your ignorance, complacency, pride, arrogance, or stupidity, is precisely what is going to get yourself and billions of other innocent people killed. We need people to swallow their pride and listen to what your fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world are trying to say to you! Can you please do this for even a day? Many people know a lot. Get together with people who can back up what they say with facts. #FACTSMATTER Even the simplest thing such as “Climate Change” should have some facts to back it up, right? WRONG! IT’S A SCAM! We are being deceived by scientists who are in on the scam. Why do you think the globalists built a gigantic seed vault with all of the original seeds, not the GMO garbage they feed the Goyim.

We need to come together now! We need to comprehend the truth here and take action, because we are all in the middle of a worldwide Communist takeover and a genocide of epic proportion, and although it may not be affecting you now, wherever you may reside, the momentum of this attack has only quickened as a result of people remaining complacent and stupid, as they continue watching their sports, porn, and video games. What an opportune time for the globalists to allow the world to legalize marijuana? Do you think it was planned? Of course it was! The whole thing was a trap and if people don’t dig in and start searching for the truth now, they will eventually believe what I’m saying when it’s too late and they are laying facedown on a cold metal bench and staring at a pile of heads. This is unacceptable! WAKE PEOPLE UP! YES YOU! The Queen is Dead! Crypto whales are moving astronomical sums of money! Major false flag attack being planned by criminal globalists who the Democrats will not arrest, nor will any police force that has a Police Chief who also swore an oath to the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry.

Despite the most recent events and lies spoken by the Zionist-owned and CIA-controlled mainstream media, sick and psychotic self-appointed world leaders of the Luciferian globalist cabal are actually losing power and control of the people, which is a great sign because the people never elected them to begin with. They need to be gone…to prison. Going forward, after eliminating all of these globalist sociopaths, the world will be full of peace, love, and happiness, for the first time ever. Actually, that’s not going to happen ever because these demons that roam the earth looking for souls to devour will still be there. The same number of demons that existed when they fell from Heaven as Angels, exists today, and there is only one way to get them out of your life for good, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. When the world rejects evil and accepts God, we shall thrive like never before. Say no to temptations of sin and carry your cross faithfully. That means, just because man’s law makes something “OK” does not mean it is “OK” in God’s eyes.

Message for all workers” No matter how insignificant a person’s role in life may be, it is up to them to determine whether or not their role is putting mankind in harm’s way, in any way, shape, or form, or are they unknowingly creating, preparing, or building, the next step in the globalist’s worldwide kill plan? People need to know who they are working for, all the way up the chain of command to the stock holders. Much of the harm being done to mankind is being done so slowly and covertly that people don’t notice, or seem to mind even after you tell them and then show them the evidence! It’s astounding how out of touch with reality people are. The globalist’s know that psychologically, the people will accept small incremental changes every day of the week, anytime, and for any reason. If they don’t see an immediate threat, they will pass it through. I would wager that even if they did see a threat, which they should because it’s all common sense, most people would rather not make waves or cause trouble and will just pass it on through because it seems so insignificant at the time, and to make a fuss over something so small and insignificant would make a lot of people mad at them. That’s another thing, people can’t handle it when anyone hurts their feelings. We truly are living in a Twilight Zone episode, and hundreds of people like myself are writing about it now. It can go in one of two ways, for the people, or against the people. If it goes against the people, then the people did not wake up in time to take the appropriate actions against ALL FORMS OF TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION before illegally written into illegal law. It goes in one ear and out the other for many different reasons. The primary reason is “severe mind control,” and the inability to reason as a result of it. . That’s because they don’t comprehend the real authenticity of the globalist’s evil plan against mankind. They actually see a reverse of it. They believe Trump is the enemy, despite the first four years of his presidency being the some of the best quality years in American history. Besides, we have evidence that there is a rogue brigade of Communists in all Governments who need to be FIRED! I wouldn’t be saying it if it wasn’t true. The enemy controls the media and they are attacking truthers by calling them wacky conspiracy theorists. If you’re not bright enough to figure out that most of the so-called conspiracy theories are actually real, then you are just lazy, ignorant, blind, or deaf. I’ve already excluded all stupid people who will be of no help with the resistance against the unGodly tyrannical oppression that is coming if people don’t retaliate. Another method used by the globalists, in addition to the very slow and incremental covert method of total destruction, is the fast and furious method where they violate all laws and protections of the people. This is where we are at, and they keep pushing forward! Do you know why? This is critical, but let me start by saying, No matter how insignificant the end result of a person’s work life may be, if it is harming mankind in any way, after carefully scrutinizing what it is they do for a living, then they need to fix the issue or quit that job.

I suppose they should first decide which side they serve? Do they serve God or Satan? The obvious answer for them is Satan, and they don’t deny it. Actually, they worship Lucifer and they despise anyone who is not them. They plan on continuing the mass murder of 7 billion people in accordance with their Agenda 2021/2030/2050 plans. There is only one way to stop them.

Contact your local government representatives and shine light on the following issue: People of the world have been deceived by their local governments and police forces. You cannot have 33rd degree Freemason Police Chiefs in any police force because it is a MAJOR conflict of interest, and these Masons are the reason criminals are getting away with GENOCIDE! Police Chiefs, now guilty of treason, have been ordering their officers to stand down during any type of crime committed by the Demonrats, RINOs, Globalists, and others who we are not allowed to say or we will be censored immediately. That means you are above the target. I’ll give you a clue. It’s the very same criminal syndicate that was responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution.

These Police Chiefs took an oath to the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry, and it is clearly known by all people in authority and higher, that the Police Chiefs are there to protect the globalist dirtbags of the world.

They are covering up the crimes of people who are guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity. By not arresting them, the police are allowing them to continue the mass murder of 7 billion people. GET THEM TO RESIGN! NO MASONS IN THE POLICE! NO MASONS IN GOVERNMENT! NO MASONS IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM! NO MASONS IN ANY POSITION OF POWER AND AUTHORITY! If people ignore this message, 7 billion people will continue being targeted for execution. We all know who the real criminals are. We just aren’t allowed to say their name or we will get censored by big pussy cowards and order followers. I have one question for the Armed Special Forces! WHERE ARE THE DAMN SNIPERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM? The globalists are 100% confident they are going to destroy the world. That is their end game, to literally destroy all of God’s creation. There’s a reason they can destroy the world and still exist in paradise themselves. You’ll learn that later when you’re ready for it, but this is what they are doing and why they don’t care if the earth is destroyed. There is a reason that will blow your mind. Hint: Admiral Byrd. They HATE US AND ARE KILLING US! It is an indisputible genocide and arrests need to be made or other measures must be taken. ARE WE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES AND COWARDS? Don’t you think it’s time to stop them, by any means necessary? I do. Please share this so we can get all police officers to resign if they are Masons, so arrests can begin.


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