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I awakened in February of 2014 after having a brief or rather, partial, out of body experience while laying on my back in the spare room of our home. It was the experience one feels right before their soul leaves their body, and this is just something you know for certain is happening after experiencing it for yourself. During this experience, I became immediately interested in the intense vibrations that I was feeling throughout my entire body but I had no idea what was causing them. The first thought that came to mind was that I was having a reaction to a brain tumor or something. I laid perfectly frozen on my back in a state of complete shock and amazement. I was a little frightened at first and just knew there was something neurologically wrong with me. I then realized I was able to see through my eyelids into the very room I was sleeping in, with an insane degree of heightened awareness. Visually, it was just like this physical reality but throw in a hit of acid. It was as though I was in a different dimension, but with complete awareness and brilliant clarity right down to every detail. I don’t normally sleep in this bed, which also happens to be a trigger for bringing on an OBE, from what I’ve learned afterward about Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences. If you want to trigger an OBE, take a nap in a location you don’t normally sleep in. Even better, set your alarm clock to wake you up 5 hours after falling asleep. Wake up and walk around, looking at things closely, right down to the details. Do this for about 15 minutes, then go back to sleep. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and don’t move. Stay as alert as possible with only the intention of laying perfectly still and not falling asleep but don’t worry if you fall asleep. You will. This is extremely effective at triggering the vibrations, or at the very least, a lucid dream. Later, I’ll discuss ways to break out of the matrix and return to God.

It began when I thought I was waking up from a deep sleep and noticed I could see everything in the room but my eyes were closed and my body was vibrating intensely. It was still daylight outside and the room was very bright, even with the shades pulled down. I was completely mesmerized by this state of heightened awareness and the feeling of these vibrations going throughout my body. I was also a little freaked out by my ability to see the blanket that was pulled up to my neck. I asked myself, “how is it possible that I can see my hand while my eyelids are closed?” I know this was the case because my Astral arm rose up to feel my eyelids and they were closed, yet I could see the hairs on my arm with intense clarity laying perfectly still on the bed. I tried to stay awake and enjoy this experience for as long as possible but after a short while, fell back asleep. I at least made a point to remember the experience so I could research it when I woke up. This experience is still very mysterious to me but it was definitely the precursor to an OBE aka an Out Of Body Experience or what some refer to as Astral Projection.

The following day I immediately hit the internet to do some research but had no idea what I was even looking for. I ended up choosing search terms like “intense vibrations while sleeping”, and “seeing through my eyelids while sleeping”. I quickly discovered my experience was referred to as Astral Projection or an Out of Body Experience that I was literally on the edge of experiencing. If I had only imagined myself floating upwards and then rolling over I would’ve been able to see my body sleeping. The trick is to wait until the vibrations are almost gone before attempting to float upwards. This entire experience had a lot to do with my awakening and my new complete understanding of how Lucifer has imprisoned the human race once again, as he has done time and time again during each life cycle, which is every 3600 years. It taught me how to dig deep and search for answers on the internet, which always led to me getting side-tracked and exploring other related or similar topics that I would stumble upon, which was a really good thing in hindsight. I used Notepad+ to keep notes on just about everything I came across, and created a new note for every topic. I have hundreds of notes and to search for anything through all of them is incredibly fast.

I later thought of this as God telling me I had work to do, or that He needed me for something. It was my time to awaken and understand that all the things I experienced from the age of 16 onward did have meaning. At the young age of 16 I remember having a profound experience of clarity that led to me to go out in a field to smash my vinyl music albums such as ACDC, Led Zepellin and others. This experience of profound clarity helped me see everything in this physical reality as it really was. It wouldn’t be until 30 years later that I’d learn Hollywood music moguls to this day take the master copy of all music recordings into a room to be Satanically cursed by very wicked people, and this supposedly applies to all types of music. Music is one of Satan’s gateways into the minds of people.

Another time, after joining the US Navy at the age of 17, I was driving through San Diego as a backseat passenger completely stoned out of my mind and seeing with crystal clear vision the meaning of so many things that made perfect sense at the time. i remember Joni Mitchell was playing on the radio and her lyrics combined with the visions I had made perfect sense. I was being allowed to see something I am unable to explain to this very day, but I remember trying desperately to figure out a way to remember what I was seeing. The experiences I’ve had in life are enough to write a novel, as I’m sure is the case with many people. Everyone has a story to tell and we should always listen to others for that reason.

Trying to explain these things at the age of 17, such as why the Proctor and Gamble shampoo bottle had a star, moon, and thirteen stars on it was enough to make people believe I was completely insane. When I first saw the image a feeling of intense understanding and clarity came over me and it all made perfect sense, that the world was a corrupt and evil place, but why was I being shown this? At such a young age we don’t think that we are being shown these things for a reason, and I’ve come to find there is no such thing as coincidence, so there was definitely a reason the Heavenly Father was showing me these things. Later, I would discover that all of these experiences had even deeper meanings. The Proctor and gamble corporation would later be questioned and forced to remove the star, moon, and stars from their labeling. This occurred somewhere between September 27th 1984 or shortly thereafter. I was still in bootcamp when Proctor and Gamble was reprimanded. At that point onward I always knew there was something more that I needed to seek answers to but life would continue to get in the way. The Devil’s primary method of distraction, drugs and alcohol, didn’t help with me focusing on the meaning of these experiences because even though they may have led to a definite temporary understanding of everything, with the key word here being “temporary,” I would eventually forget and move on with life.

I’d like to explain the entire awakening process so more people are aware of the events leading up to an awakening, and I’m sure every awakening experience is completely different but there may be some similarities that we can all relate to. It would be a really good idea for parents to teach their children to pay attention to the details of life’s every situation in search for a higher meaning of their experiences because I’m certain we all have them but we’re just not paying attention. Deciphering these messages from God, often referred to as our higher consciousness, is the chance of a lifetime. Being attentive and training ourselves to be aware of our experiences or our true inner self and having the ability to dispose of all distractions, due to an abundance of TV and music programming we all receive, whether we know it or not, is definitely something to advise our children of. The cognitive dissonance that results from years of programming and school indoctrination truly hinders our society’s ability to see the things we would normally see and to see the world for what it really is, which holds us all back as a civilization.

I realize there’s more to life than conspiracies but once we realize we are surrounded by conspiracies, one after another, all orchestrated to deceive mankind and conjoined to make up one monstrous conspiracy that Cabalist Jews, Satanic Talmudic/Ashkenazi and Khazarian Mafia Jews and Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons will do anything in their power to keep hidden from humanity, we eventually realize it’s in the best interest of humanity to know what they are hiding by orchestrating these conspiracies. Although, we’ve reached a period in time that seems to clue us in that we are approaching the climax of some carefully orchestrated and diabolically planned event that is not in the best interest of humanity and in order to understand our life’s purpose we must first cut through all the evil that is preventing us from reaching our life’s hidden objective. Either we are starting to notice these things because of some cosmic alignment created by God or these Luciferians are purposely allowing us to see what it is they’ve been doing since 1871 because they’re now ok with everything being exposed, and that is probably because they didn’t expect President Donald Trump and Qanon to throw a monkey wrench into their plans of global dominance and massive population reduction. They view our knowing their plans as a psychological weapon to force the human mind into believing it has lost, due to the apparent confidence of its opponent, which is ultimately Lucifer. Perhaps his time is growing short and his need to tell us all what he’s been up to is imperative due to his agreement with God. In some way or another, he must tell us in advance of his every diabolical move, and he does a really good job of that with the help of Hollywood entertainment, the music industry, and now the mainstream media.

When I originally began researching “Astral Projection” and “Lucid Dreaming” I stumbled across the Illuminati and then one conspiracy after another, which I had ironically always felt deep in my inner being was true, according to my own growing intuition, clairvoyance, and heightened perception of the world in which we all live, despite the authority’s or globalist’s attempt to keep the true nature of these conspiracies hidden from humankind, like they had already done with the entire U.S. population for several decades. They had used what is referred to as “Hegelian Dialectic” mind control tactics to not only destroy countries through demoralization to advance their Luciferian New World Order, but to convince the common man into believing all conspiracies were merely theories. This deceitful tactic caused massive harm to our Constitutional Republic by labeling anyone who speaks of anything truthful that could potentially harm their Luciferian New World Order agenda a conspiracy theorist, a term coined my the CIA to marginalize the truth. This was something the enemy was confident could never be reversed, but it has. Yes, the CIA is the enemy of humanity, despite how many good people work at the CIA. Just like there are good Freemasons who have no idea what the higher Freemasons are up to. Then I discovered the hidden truth about “Fluoride”, that it was used on prisoners during WWII to keep them docile. Needless to say, this opened up another can of worms and sent me on a quest to find the truth in everything I had previously learned throughout my entire life, and to my astonishment, I was in for the shock of a lifetime to discover that every single conspiracy theory I had ever suspected was true was in actuality a conspiracy fact. I’m still searching for that conspiracy theory that isn’t really the truth. Therefore, I urge you to do the research yourself so you can reach the same conclusions.

After you reach a certain level of knowledge or truth something just snaps into place and everything makes very profound sense, which can be summed up as one monstrous war between God and Satan. I am now a fully awakening human being that is currently in the 7th stage of ascension. However, notice I said “awakening”? Even though there is virtually no topic I have not explored, including the deadly energy weapons that have been perfected at Buckley Airforce base in Aurora, Colorado, that were used on victims of Paradise California and other Californian’s living in the vicinity of an Agenda 21 housing and billion dollar high-speed railway contract, I am still awakening each and every day, growing closer to my ascension. I still don’t believe I am fully awakened and don’t believe I ever will be. Why? because I need to eat and drink to stay alive.

There are many consumable consumer products that typically come in a box, bag, or carton, that aid in keeping a person stuck under mind-control, not to mention Fluoride, Vaccines, and toxic nano-particles that are being sprayed all throughout the world under the guise of “Geo-Engineering” due to a hoax called “Climate Change.” These things I am certain of and although there is more to learn, the deeper I go the more shocking it is to discover the truth, and the more abstract the truth becomes, making it even more difficult for the general dumbed-down mind-controlled masses to believe, and even more difficult for me to explain, which is why people must discover the truth on their own. I have come to the realization that seeking certain knowledge may have something to do with the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The Ouroboros has been said to have a meaning of infinity or wholeness. I haven’t quite figured out how this is related to a person awakening but I’m sure if I searched I could find it. It was apparent to me that throughout the ages, the people who had passed on their wisdom to a select few, who weren’t sworn to secrecy yet, learned how to manipulate everything in our world that could benefit themselves and also oppress mankind as if they were a bunch of jealous two-year-olds who didn’t want anyone else to enjoy this bountiful Earth and all of its hidden treasures. Despite all I have learned from what is out in the open, I do believe it’s possible that the people in control of Earth, our food supply, and weather, have been extremely cautious to keep certain aspects of their knowledge hidden and those aspects have not been fully revealed yet, to the best of my current knowledge, but we are all experiencing some form of awakening right now, and have been since 2012. Afterall, we are now in the age of Aquarius and approaching the Golden Age, which got it’s name for a reason. We are progressing towards a higher collective consciousness and the so-called globalist elites intend to stop it from happening.

When the truth hits you like a ton of bricks there is no denying it. As far as my partial OBE goes, I never knew what Astral Projection really was but was familiar with the term. If only I had laid there longer, until the vibrations subsided, I would’ve been able to float up and out of my body, which is what I learned you are supposed to do. After this occurrence, I did more research and was able to have my first authentic out of body experience shortly thereafter. I managed to float up and out of my house and was flying around the culdesac in my neighborhood until I became frightened and snapped right back into my body. Now, here’s the kicker. Since this amazing genuine OBE, I have had lucid dreams two or three times per week and sometimes even a very different type of OBE at least once per month. These different OBE’s feel more like dreams about having an OBE but I’m totally aware or lucid in this OBE/Dream, so it’s basically very similar to an OBE but not quite the same thing.

With this dream about having an OBE I always wake up in some other room or house that is only slightly familiar to me and when I’m able to get out of my body without feeling too tired (drunk feeling) I am not traveling in my reality. I am traveling in some other reality but the details are still amazing and the colors are incredibly brilliant, just like an authentic OBE. For instance, if I was having a Dream-style OBE and flying around inside a house, I would notice every detail of everything in the house. One time I saw a driver’s license on one of the end tables in a home that I was slightly familiar with and when I flew over to it with every intention of discovering which year I was in, I would tell myself to remember the details I was able to read but couldn’t remember the details upon awakening, even though I tried and told myself over and over I was going to remember them. Adding even more to this mystery, I do remember that every single detail on the card was very familiar to me. I’m leaning towards a past-life experience.

These OBE style experiences have a lot to do with my real awakening and discovering the truth about our lying fake government and shadow government Freemasons, Cabalists or globalists. There is nothing I don’t know at least a little about but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that regarding the corruption in the United States Government, shadow government globalists, and world, that all of the world’s evil stems from Freemasonry. For instance, I am completely aware of the fact that the United States has been hijacked by evil Zionists, Luciferians, Nazis, Communists, Ashkenazi, Khazarian, and Talmudic Jews, and Eugenicists, most of whom are probably Freemasons, the root to all the world’s evil, or in some way linked to Freemasonry. Yes, I am speaking of the same Satanic Illuminati members who are responsible for all the missing children in the world. Most of these missing child cases are swept under the carpet because the FBI will not confront the Illuminati Satanists who are responsible for these horrific crimes against humanity. These poor suffering and enslaved children continue to be used for Satanic Blood Rituals, Sex, and Organ Harvesting once they are all done with them.

Feel free to visit my website and and visit the many pages to learn how you can help expose the evil in this world and put these Freemason Luciferians behind bars. They feel protected right now because of their wealth but their days are coming to an abrupt halt real soon, especially due to President Trump and Qanon exposing their crimes against humanity. Many people will tell you that Lucifer and Satan are two different entities, they are not. All I know is that there is an abundance of proof that the Illuminati are responsible for the brutal rape, torture, crucifixion, and murder of children as a sacrifice to their master Lucifer, therefore whether you are referring to Satan or Lucifer, they are both evil beyond your wildest imagination. Let’s just call it what it is…..SATANISM! These sick scum of the Earth, most of whom are deranged homosexuals that like little boys, are going to get what is coming to them real soon. Yes, I know the right thing to do is to pray for them and not judge them, and I know it is difficult. I don’t even know how God could forgive such heinous crimes but He does and I’ve figured out why.

The Holy Spirit is nowhere to be found in these evil people. That to me expresses just how amazing God is, he gives us free will and enough grace at birth to know the difference between right and wrong. It is mankind who perverts our way of thinking because of Satan’s influence and strips us of our Grace. Pray to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, the one and only true God who promises Eternal Salvation for all who will repent of their sins and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we may obtain Eternal Salvation. If you’ve lost your faith then simply throw away those thoughts and return to Christ. He will show you the truth if you make an effort. I’m just going to say that if you ask Jesus Christ to show you the way and sincerely mean it, He will not only show you the way but he will forgive you of all your sins, regardless of how heinous they are, proving that Satan does have a grip over us on this Earth. Everything you’ve ever heard that is contrary to this can be tossed in the rubbish. The deception will get even stronger as we approach these end times before the return of Jesus Christ. Do not be deceived. No matter how truthful a lie may seem we must never lose our faith and must always put our trust in the Heavenly Father, through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Now it’s your turn to start researching these issues. What is your life purpose?


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