I have been a web-designer for 19 years. I started at 11 years old with an HTML book and I coded myself a whole website using notepad and Paint Shop Pro (back in 2005). I am now 30 years old and I have 3 amazing kids. I have always loved blogging and I am aiming to make the world a better place.


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WordPress Origin Story

When i was 11 years old my uncle gave me an HTML book and my Dad had recently died and he was a computer engineer and he had a little family website at the time (because we always had the highest technology because my Dad was with it) and I wanted to be like him and have my own website. Well I started with a website builder and as I read this book and saw more websites (at the time “dolls” were super in and making glitter graphics, etc) I wanted my website more custom. So I made sure my website was the way I wanted to. I used my dads Paint Shop Pro and coded my whole website. Now I did see wordpress websites, but I was really confused and at the time I didn’t go that route because I was all about my graphics and dolls (i still have access to a small percentage of the graphics I made back then). But when I got a little older, and when smart phones started becoming a thing, I started blogging on wordpress. This isn’t my first wordpress blog, I know if I would have stayed with it I would be a lot farther along because I always put tons of work into my blogs, but I went through a lot at the time like homelessness, abuse, etc. But I blogged off and on for years, but now I am at the point where I need to follow my dreams because my life feels so empty when I don’t blog. I started with the wordpress website and I was just irritated because you had to pay for literally everything so I decided to stop being lazy and do it the right way (in my opinion). So I did and now here I am. I love that WordPress is free and gives me the freedom to create and still use my coding skills if I want to (these days I know more coding, I took Java and Python in college and I am able to build web apps). I love WordPress and I hope if someone reads this story, that they enjoyed it.

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