Despite, all the tall tales experts like Marc Faber love to tell, in reference to the coming stock market crash, there is no evidence to support these silly assertions. One of the most important indicators of a market putting in a long-term is investor sentiment. The Crowd is far from Euphoric so the markets are not going to crash. A correction though is a strong possibility as the markets are extremely overbought.
Polarisation is the new ViX for this Market. Since Trump was elected we noticed something interesting; economic news seems to have less of an impact than Geopolitical developments. Polarisation has had the effect it was intended to trigger; the masses and the markets are focusing on the wrong issues, and so we can expect a slew of legislation favouring the corporate world to be passed with little to no resistance. This, in turn, will help push stocks even higher as corporations will have even less to worry regarding being liable for using questionable methods to boost their earnings. Stock Market Crash 2018 is wishful thinking but if the market should pull back strongly, jump in and buy.