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  • Location: Vancouver, WA
  • Website: blogsolace.com
  • Job Title: Freelance web developer, specializing in WordPress
  • Employer: Self - Blog Solace
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Freelance web developer working almost solely with WordPress. Development, maintenance, theme and plugin customization, troubleshooting, server issues.


I like to keep up with WordPress and often peruse the help forums, looking for new tips, tricks, ideas, troubleshooting info, etc. I’m even able to help out sometimes. I think it’s the greatest CMS there is, and it’s just as awesome for static sites. I’ve completely stopped using any other platform.

WordPress Origin Story

I was fascinated with the web ever since it started emerging in popularity in the early to mid-90s. I taught myself html and css and started making my own sites as a hobby. I started using WordPress (self-hosted) when Diary-x.com crashed, and I loved how the php worked with the html and css to create an amazing blog. Then followed on learning about CMS and static sites on WordPress. I began doing it for a living when I saw a Craig’s List ad in the Computer Gigs section of someone wanting some custom sidebar work. That was in early 2008, and it’s been my sole job/income ever since.