Been running a hosting business since 1999.
I graduated with a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on programming.
Started off studying programming to get my families company online.
After that I started working on helping other companies and individuals get their sites online.


WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Python, HTML5

WordPress Origin Story

I have been using various CMS software for a long time to roll out site.
I started with another platform and wouldn’t use WordPress since back in those days it was a blog software program and not a full blown CMS.
The particular CMS that will go unnamed was giving me a really hard time adding custom JavaScript. Try as I might to add it the CMS would strip it every time.
All the standard procedures failed and it would still strip the JavaScript anyway.

I said the heck with it and jumped ship to WordPress since it had been recently declared as being able to operate as a CMS I gave it a try. Haven’t look back since.
It has been easy to update as well as customize and very user friendly for my clients.

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