I am a Born Again Christian Saint called by Jesus Christ to create websites for Him, for the Saints, and for Christian Ministries around the world.
I have learned some HTML, and I have learned how to edit some JavaScript files, and I have learned a lot about WordPress.

I have been building since 02-16-2016.
I have incorporated over 60 FREE WordPress plugins into the site.
I have tried, configured, and setup hundreds of WordPress plugins.
The site is bloated, and can take as long as 60 seconds to load, but is very informative.
So far, I only have a few members, as of 01-23-2019.

. . .

UPDATE! – 12-17-2021
I tried a database cleaning plugin early in 2019.
It completely destroyed my database!
So, I had to re-setup
Now, I only have about 35 plugins.
The site now loads in 4-6 seconds!
I also purchased my own theme.
The theme removes 25 plugins!
So, it was a good thing I had to redo my site!

I no longer create websites for other ministries.
I also removed all other sites from my site.
I made this decision for a few reasons.

1. Right now Jesus desires I focus on my sites.
2. The other sites were taking time and focus away from my site.
3. No one was using the sites I created for them.

I might build sites for other people again!
Anything is possible!

. . .


I love building websites.
I love trying out, configuring, and setting up WordPress plugins.
I love helping people.
I love meeting people.
And, most of all, I love leading people to Jesus Christ!

WordPress Origin Story

I started my websites back in September 1998.
I learned some HTML, but I was not happy with what I created, and I could not afford to hire a web designer.
Then I found WordPress!

I first started learning and using WordPress 02-16-2016.
I became very frustrated with the plugins at first, then I realized that even if a plugin did not function as I wanted it to that the experiences were learning experiences.
What frustrated me the most was setting up and configuring plugins that turned out to not be free.
I have over 35 plugins on my site, and all of them are FREE, except the Wise Chat Pro plugin!
I suggest WordPress to anyone willing to learn to create their own website(s).

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