I’m a jack of all trades, problem solving, curious person. Typically, I am hanging out in my kitchen table coding, cooking, and coffeeing. The outdoors are great, I especially love to go hike and run through forests and mountain areas, a bit away from the noise of everyday life.


Coding and researching new technologies, listening to metal, spending time with my family, hot yoga, bodyweight exercise, running, trying to play guitar, science and space research and news, coffee, games I can pause, environmental conservation, more coffee, D&D

WordPress Origin Story

In the beginning, my wife wrote a web comic and published it using ComicPress, which I helped her maintain around the time I was a systems admin at a hosting company. Loving problem solving, I started coding and helped grow her site until we had kids and no more time for hobbies 🙂 I started doing more development especially building more and more sites suing WP. After this, I spent ~9 years helping a major financial services provider grow from a single WordPress based marketing channel to an enterprise multi-channel news and blog platform on WordPress VIP.

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  • Location: Delaware
  • GitHub: rleeson
  • Job Title: WordPress Technical Lead
  • Employer: Kanopi Studios
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