Big fan of nature and the ocean, totally into surfing.
I also dig reading, music, and philosophy. I’m a total computer geek, love tinkering with them!
I enjoy sharing and meeting with good humans!

WordPress Origin Story

I am Quentin and I assist freelancers, creators, small businesses, associations, and collectives in their web projects using WordPress.

I began my journey as an independent developer before joining the web team at Glanum agency in Avignon for five years. There, I worked on projects of various scales with multiple technical solutions, ranging from simple “static” websites to Magento, Laravel, React, and, of course, WordPress projects! I also explored no-code/low-code solutions (usable without coding, using a graphical interface).
I chose to specialize in WordPress for its versatility, accessibility, its philosophy, and simply because it’s the tool with which I love to create and experiment.

In 2023, I launched Hold my WordPress with a goal: Make web projects accessible to positive actors who need them!
Since then, I’ve been helping good humans build projects that reflect them as a trusted interlocutor: WordPress Expert and web developer.


Quentin Le Duff contributes 1 hour per week to the following teams: Polyglots and Training.

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