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I Consult & Train, Setup, Secure, Optimize, Manage & Host WordPress Websites.


WordPress, outdoors, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, reading, scary movies

WordPress Origin Story

In 1997 I began helping others with websites using Netscape Composer, moving on to other tools I eventually settled on using Dreamweaver as my main coding tool. Back to school to get certified in web design and webmaster then hanging my shingle as Orion’s Web.
After a few years the demand for more complex websites, with databased content, and the ability for the clients to manage their own content led me to years of anguish dealing with developers and custom solutions. I quickly determined the best solutions for small business was to go with an established, well maintained existing solution…
I launched my first WordPress.org website in 2005 and have been a devoted user ever since. I’ve helped establish or fix hundreds of wordpress sites over the past dozen years, and am always learning something new!

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    I'm getting this same error across many of our sites.. seems there is something not…

    2 months ago

  • Posted a reply to Missing a temporary folder., on the site WordPress.org Forums:
    which folder? what permissions were needed? I'm having the same issue all of a sudden…

    11 months ago

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    This is still not working for us. admin-ajax.php?action=cfdb-export&form=Contact+form&enc=xlsx&regionaldelimiter=true might be temporarily down or it may…

    1 year ago

  • Posted a reply to IXR-32300 error: can’t connect jetpack to wp com, on the site WordPress.org Forums:
    I temporarily downgraded to 4.2.2 still received the connection error however publicize is now working..

    2 years ago

  • Posted a reply to IXR-32300 error: can’t connect jetpack to wp com, on the site WordPress.org Forums:
    same issue.. Then it says already connected.. asks to activate, says can't communicate with site…

    2 years ago

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    Publicize: Facebook doesn't list Pages I manage anymore

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