I’m an Indie author. I write non-fiction books on a variety of topics from casual gaming to running your own WordPress website with under a minute of maintenance per week.


Cars. Movies. Food.

WordPress Origin Story

When you look for a Content Management System (CMS) you can’t miss WordPress. The massive variety of plugins can cater for every need so it was a no-brainer.

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    I'm an ex-System Designer. This has all the hallmarks …

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    We are interested in porting the plugin to API 5. Can…

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    One size fits all is never true. This simple, clever, …

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    Try switching to the iframe image2 template... works most of the time for me.

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    New Problem: Tried Removing DB and Installing fresh copy... same problem. Table damage?

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    Thanks Ralf.

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    Okay... for anyone finding this thread it's not in the settings for WordPress IP2Nation... it's…

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    Excellent work dude!

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    I have this too: I created and linked a new root key just to…

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    Beautiful, concise and easy to read.