I am 59 years old. I started programming at 17, creating a video rental system and a property management system, pioneering what is now called object orientation.
I am a federal judicial technician since 1994 and graduated in Computer Science / Computer Networks at Unicarioca/Rio de Janeiro.
I worked with systems operation, micro-computing, security, janitorial and transport. I created a vehicle and mission maintenance system that has been in operation at the organization for 10 years. I also put the organization’s transport unit in advance on the web, using Linux and PPP in 1997.
I made specifications for the acquisition of products and services, including the migration of WAN Frame-Relay protocol to Mpls.
I worked with procedural systems support since 2009 and JavaScript development.
I have been in the IT helpdesk since 2014, leaving supervision in 2018.
I then worked in the area of ​​web videoconferencing and codecs, but always wishing to return to programming, which was granted to me now in 2020. I always have a notebook and a smartphone at hand, to work in any situation, even on the go.
after getting sick from Covid-19, I acquired a new perspective on life. Before the pandemic, I worked physically, on long hours until 9 pm, with a total of four hours of transportation. In the pandemic, we all discovered remote productivity and the absence of the need to travel, with great economic advantages for the organization. It has been an extremely productive experience, but we still have to be careful with excessive hours on the day and possible ergonomic problems.
I am a volunteer contributor to the website [], a project by Dr. Dalton Raphael, from UFRJ. I personally maintain the websites [], [], [], [PC Explica] and others, where I test EAD, CMS, PHP technologies and produce didactic content. I also collaborate on international projects [] and (as @navastnik).

My plans for the future:

1. Know new development technologies, CI / CD and always improve myself.
2. Invest in actions that promote my health and well-being and that of my family, colleagues and friends, for a more productive participation.
3. Provide young people with free and autonomous learning conditions in various areas of computer science, contributing to the employability and efficiency of the national workforce in general and the public service, specifically.
4. Make the internal and external public aware of information security and simplification of processes to increase productivity.
5. Collaborate with the community by supporting the maintenance and evolution of the rights expressed in the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), through technological actions or not.
6. Continue collaborating as a volunteer in national and international projects, bringing cutting edge technologies and methods to the public service to improve jurisdictional assistance.
7. Obtain the C2 certificate in PHP7, Java, JavaScript, CSS (equivalent), HTML (equivalent) See [].
8. Take the tests and obtain the C2 certificate in English and Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​or equivalent. It’s certification season!


PHP language
remote learning
systems documentation

WordPress Origin Story

Without WordPress, I would not have been able to meet clients and I could not organize myself professionally.


Paulo Santos contributes 3 hours per week to the following teams: Core, Documentation, Polyglots, and Test.

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