Nathan is a Web Developer on the Marketing team at Indeed.

Before learning to code, Nathan spent years building a successful freelance career as a Cinematographer in New York City. He went from scraping the bottom of Craigslist for the oddest of odd jobs to being on set with celebrities like Kate McKinnon and Stephen Baldwin.

Over the years, he was gradually drawn toward web development, and this eventually became his passion when he developed custom WordPress themes for actors.

After moving to Austin in 2015, Nathan fully committed to the tech industry. He worked for the tech startup, Givepulse, for two years and helped them to double their active users. He did contract work for a large energy consultancy named 5, building custom analytics software that shaved hours off their work every week. He also took on freelance consulting work with renowned Austin architect and UT professor, Larry Speck, helping him to redesign his website for modern best practices.

Nathan loves bringing ideas to life with cutting edge technology. Outside work he also loves photography, gardening and travel.


Video, Photography, Travel, Gardening

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