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WordPress Origin Story

I was working in Unity for a few years and one day I decided to try my hand at PHP. Within 20 minutes I had it down so I thought I’d give it a test drive. It took me 4 hours to learn PHP from nothing, learn SQL from nothing and write my first web based asset, create a means of interfacing between Unity and the asset, create the Unity demo scene and website counterpart, create the graphics required for the Unity Asset Store and publish my first web asset… and boy, was it well received! 😀

But then I ran into the issue of all the lack of security and so forth. The fact that I have crated this popular login system but I have a WordPress website and thus I don’t even use my own product… that got me thinking: What if I integrated Unity with WordPress?

And that was that. For the past few years now I have been creating WordPress plugins that work with Unity ( some available for sale, some custom made for various schools and other institutions ).

I was told that WordPress is only a blogging tool… and yet I use WordPress to prevent piracy! I use WordPress to host high scores, create timed events that can’t be hacked from the player’s device and, of course, to store user’s data online and thereby effectively making every single game a cloud based game without them having to lift a finger after installing my kit(s). Cross device data syncing and giving admins power to overlook and administer everything their players are doing in their games… The list goes on.

I eventually also started using WordPress to generate page content they can show on their blogs and pages ( just for good measure since WordPress IS a blogging tool, after all :P) and recently integrated WooCommerce for website based purchasing of in-game content, virtual currency and even the sale of the games themselves.

To me WordPress is just the most simple, fastest way to get a website and database up and running in a way that anybody with little to no experience with website development can do in minutes and once they have that, then I take over and I turn WordPress into an ever expanding video game back end service with WordPress making my life easier while I create all these functions for others.

WordPress is just a blogging tool… that’s funny! 😀

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