In the unlikely event you read this, I can report being actively engaged with learning about information technology, web building tools, digital media development and most importantly: applying what I have learned in a highly practical sense! I have been working with and helping others to use information technology seriously since 1995. From about 1996 I have made my living from this industry, in this sense I represent a professional case study of a ‘mature’ person transitioning from being largely unaware of IT, the Web to becoming adept, I can therefore report that this is not only possible, I am living it.


Web publication, writing, guitar music, literature, and many other nuances of these topics. I have arrived at the conclusion that ‘communication’ is the primary achievement of humanity, this is what enables, and allows our global communities to exist, and develop. From this conclusion I work towards refining my own communication skills, and helping others to also refine their communication. The WWW is the most impressive project our civilisation has manifested.

WordPress Origin Story

I became aware of WordPress as a viable platform from about 2007, so I was somewhat ‘late to the party’. However I have made up for my tardiness with enthusiasm, and a humility for learning. I continue to learn, and apply what I discover on a daily basis.

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