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IT professional and consultant for 10+ years, now freelancer and developer of self-sustainable projects.
Using WordPress for a lot of websites over the time and is taking part of improving it.


nature, ecovillages, networking, autark living, self-sustainability, code

  • Mentioned in [53122] on Core SVN:
    Upgrade/Install/Users: Prevent JS bug filling new passwords.

  • Mentioned in [53045] on Core SVN:
    General: Validate input of `wp_list_pluck()`.

  • Mentioned in [52650] on Core SVN:
    Users: Return a `WP_Error` from `wp_insert_user()` if the `user_url` field is too long.

  • Mentioned in [52620] on Core SVN:
    Coding Standards: Use a more appropriate variable name in `link_advanced_meta_box()`.