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  • Location: Auckland, NZ
  • Website: www.d112tm.org.nz
  • Job Title: District Webmaster / IT support
  • Employer: Toastmasters New Zealand North (voluntary)
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Long-term developer without web opportunities now on permanent holiday and reslishing the chance to apply skills to websites.


Play with the web, learn through Toastmasters, help promote accessibility principles, science fiction, exploring the country in a campervan, duplicate bridge

WordPress Origin Story

I had been involved with Toastmasters websites for some time, developing in both ASPX and Joomla. The organisation decided to go with WordPress as it appeared cheaper; unfortunately, successive webmasters decided they didn’t have time to maintain sites they weren’t making money from and “got busy”. I happened to start having a bit of time on my hands so got sucked into finding ways of getting a rather pedantic WordPress site to fly – or at least get off the ground. Still learning…..