Michael O’Bryan is a writer, designer and teacherpreneur who lives and works in the Republic of Texas.

He is still trying to figure out how the code makes the magic happen, but in his favor he very rarely writes about himself in the third person.


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WordPress Origin Story

I was intrigued by what was possible on using a free site and could see how much more might be possible with a paid theme and hosted site, but I was absolutely clueless on what moving to a hosted WordPress site would involve. Fortunately, God was smiling on me because somehow I found the WooThemes website and the absolutely amazing group of people who were there at the time fairly quickly. I bought Canvas and two or maybe three others, but it was Canvas that got me hooked on WordPress and it continues to be my goto theme.

I am convinced if I had gone somewhere else for a theme I would have given up the ghost once my first hosting plan expired.

The customer service the WooThemes ninjas provided was nothing short of exceptional and they let me cross the line a few times on the degree of help they gave me. If you had a problem using the theme it was always quickly resolved, but a good half of my questions were more about how to build and design a website with WordPress and making it do whatever crazy thing I thought I wanted at the time. Admittedly, every now and then they would tell me the question I was asking was beyond the scope of their support, but they almost always at least pointed me in the right direction and shared where I might find an answer.

I am still a long way from understanding how to make WordPress do what I intuitively know it is capable of doing, but because of WooThemes, the people there and the products they created I am still plugging away and still just as excited by what I might accomplish one day.

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