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Web developer since 1995, WordPress since 2010. Software engineer & technology product management before that, so I work on the geek side and collaborate with graphic designers.

WordPress Origin Story

I was a software engineer/engineering manager in Silicon Valley for about 15 years before seizing on web development in 1995 as a way to escape the big city. I embraced PHP/MySQL in 2001, when PHP-Nuke was about the only CMS around. It wasn’t what I needed for my small business clients so I built my “McWebby” OOP CMS from scratch over the next few years. Around 2005-06 I tried Drupal and Joomla, but hated the admin interface for both. By 2010 it was clear that I couldn’t keep adding features and supporting McWebby forever, so I did another review of my options and found that WordPress had evolved into a full-fledged CMS. Frankly hated it at first because the model was very different from my own 🙂 but over the years I haven’t found anything I can’t implement with WordPress. I’m hooked.