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Leaping websites in a single bound (okay, maybe two or three bounds), I’m a support Specialist by day, writer and web superhero by night. Plus a loving wife of Hot Rod and proud mom to Super Darius. You can find links to my blog and other web projects at JDWebMediaGroup.com, my shiny new Multi-site hosted at WPEngine.


writing, blogging, movies, black film, natural hair, diversity, urban ministry, baking, attending WordCamps, WordPress, producing websites, encouraging others, laughing, enjoying life

WordPress Origin Story

There I was, trapped, in the most affordable properitory content management system (CMS) solution I could find for my clients. Promised to receive features repeatedly and two years later I was still waiting on the same features. This ruined many relationships I had with clients who could not understand why such a seemingly simply feature could not be added. I had no control. Nor did I seem to be respected when reporting bugs. I had to hire a hacker to convince the CMS owner that there were vulnerabilities in his code allowing customer credit cards to be compromised.

Then WordPress walked onto the scene, not with a strut, but with a subtle, hey, here I am, try me. At least, my perspective of it at the time was subtle. I was a writer, and I wanted to blog, so WordPress seemed the easiest way to do that. I had tried other platforms like SquareSpace. Even Blogger by Google. But there was something attractive about WordPress, and I loved that it was OpenSource. I think I fooled around on a free WordPress.com account before dabbing into the self-hosted flavor.

Sure, I can code HTML in NotePad, but why? No need. Work smarter not harder. And the “blog” software i grew to love grew into a top contending CMS. I kissed my relationship with the property, controlling vendor goodbye and have not looked back. I love WordPress. The world is the limit on a self-hosted install of WordPress. It just takes creativity, vision and finding the right matches with clients who allow me to help catalyze their visions into cyberspace.

Oh, and then I started going to WordCamps and now I’m updating my WordPress Origin Story here on wordpress.org. My goal for 2017 is to be a contributer here at WordPress.org, respond to posts, give constructive and encouraging feedback on themes and plugins, and just make my mark on .0005% of the world. Every “who” in WhoVille counts, right? (Don’t you love, Dr. Seuss?)

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!