I’ve been working in tech for so many years now and I just love it, always have and always will. Somewhere along this journey in the world for tech, new things cropped up. Like the term downsizing. So one day I packed up and left. Travelled across Canada by Grehound for two weeks. That was an interesting experience. Saw the oil sands and the northern lights. I’ll take the northern lights, please.

I’ve been a Procedures Analyst, Business Analyst, and Management Analyst in the first half of my information technology career. Then I took the big leap and found myself at the other end of the country trying new things. Good with people customer service and sales-related roles were the survivor jobs. The juicy and new learning jobs were career services and counselling, life and career coaching, and building websites.

Then along came social media. Oddly, I didn’t see this as a new thing. It’s the new way of doing the old things we’ve always done. Get the word out there. Interact with people. Pump palms. Same idea, different venue.


Social Media, People, Society, Behaviour, Psychology, Photography, Art, Painting, Reading, Creative Writing, Blogging, Creating Communities, Teaching People

WordPress Origin Story

Once upon a time in Canada a fellow decided he wanted something better than static pages and off he went in search of the best blogging platform. He tried many things and invested much time, until one day he was introduced to WordPress. Confused by the interface and what all the different options did, he blogged anyway doing the best he could with no one to explain what was happening. After a period of time he figured things out and began to apply his technical skills to bigger projects. And so the story continues…

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