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PJ started building online services in 5th grade. As a freshman at University of Florida, he had already coded a web reporting system for IBM in Boca Raton. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts, he coded user-engagement algorithms, analytics dashboards, web crawlers and other tools using Java, Perl and PHP. He started blogging with WordPress in 2004 and was soon ranked #1 in Google for “Myspace Tracking” and “Facebook Tracking”. While studying Magazine Article Writing in San Antonio, he wrote a WordPress plugin to uncover social media trends, launching his blog to 12 million pageviews. PJ is passionate about publishing and is a Google Adsense Publisher and YouTube Partner.


I maintain a list of interests here… http://pjbrunet.com/whats-interesting/

WordPress Origin Story

I read a newspaper article in 2004 about this new thing called blogging. At that moment I decided to be a professional blogger. I tested all the blog platforms in cPanel Fantastico (several to choose from) and I decided to blog with WordPress because the code was simple and elegant. My blog was very successful, which forced me to learn more about Linux, MySQL, PHP, CSS, Javascript and so on.

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