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  • Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Job Title: Technical web advisor
  • Employer: Quentosity
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A Kiwi that works from his flat primarily on wordpress sites. I like a good pie as you can tell from my profile a real tasty pie is savoury. I also will play a bit of pool in my free time or more often in summer sit outside and read a good sci fi book with a cold beer. A lot of evenings I will switch off from work with an episode of some kind of anime.

Typical work day usually starts by waking up reading a new article on WP Tavern and sometimes other WordPress news from other sites.


New Technology

WordPress Origin Story

Got into html website design for a local group of churches when I was 20 for 6 months which started my interest in websites more the coding and translating things people would request like “I want a black board that people can talk to each other on”, meaning a forum type of area.

A year after this I got a new job with a company that started just as basic input which I happened to join just as they were looking for a new web system that was easy to teach clients to use. Which was of course ended up being WordPress (2011) because it was both easy to train clients to use but still flexible enough that we didn’t feel limited at all. We ended up using the framework catalyst.

I went from primarily content management and translating what a client wanted to what could actually be done to learning how design websites with catalyst and how plugins work together and just kept on learning new things and still am. Now I put more time into altering plugins and or themes usually via hooks or templates so that everything works better for the client but can still be easily updated without breaking.

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