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  • Location: Asunción
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  • Employer: Jan Park
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Hi! I’m Jan, a Game Designer and Developer from Paraguay.
Currently working in consultancy project in creative web technologies at CreativePark S.A.. And doing games as an indie developer.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s of science degree in Game Design at the Full Sail University in June 2017.

Starting a new series of game design tutorials and talks for Spanish audiences, since there is little to now information about this topic in the second most popular language in the world.
Working on serious games that fight against the Latin American mentality of corruption and laziness
Developing ethical games with a biblical world view to influence young and adults alike to study the past, and learn from our history.


Game Design

WordPress Origin Story

I’ve started using WordPress back in early 2014 to help my family’s creative agency to also offer website development. Honestly, I didn’t know where I was getting into. After some hours researching on Google, I’ve decided to go with WordPress and pre-constructed sites from Envato.

+4 years on the go, my workflow has dramatically changed. I have also tried many, and believe me. MANY CMS platforms similar and completely different from WordPress. They all claim to be better, they all have their pros and cons. But time after time, I keep coming back to WordPress. Of course, it’s not exactly the tool I want, maybe it’s the tool I need, but I believe I can make that tool “suit” me better contributing here, rather than out.

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