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  • Location: San Jose, CA
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A 15-year experience WebDEV in Sillicon Valley, who loves WordPress, WooCommerce, E-commerce, all types Subscriptions, business logic, APIs web development projects. I’ve built many websites and web applications for local businesses to meet their goals. My mission is to build a beautiful, efficient, fast, SEO websites for everyone who wish to build their brands and present it to the world.

My specialty is to work with WordPress Custom Plugins and Themes. I can program anything special based on your business requirement, business logic, and business web application. I can modernize your website to today design look and feel to attract more visitors with any theme or create your dream theme from any design that you like.

I you contact me to fix any WP issue from custom built plugins to any theme, I’ll make sure your business is well taken care of within the same day, no BS.


WordPress, WP Plugins & themes, NodeJS, AngularJS, AngularIO, Graphs/Charts, Encryption, QRCode, Website Forms library, Business Processes, Business requirements and logic.

WordPress Origin Story

After I had completed the 1st discount-point system for Sespiff’s Manufacturing of music instruments with NodeJS and JQuery, I realized that WordPress framework can do the same thing with PHP Engine and it could’ve saved me a half development time. I checked it out and I loved it the first day I used it – like the love at first sight. Then I started building many other web apps using WP like ez-badge printer, Flexzonemeals meals subscription, danagarden, condoconnectrealty… I never have enough of WP. It’s very stable, well-structural, easy to add new plugins, well-documented, well-supported by the largest community on the internet. I’ve learned many other language libraries like NodeJS, AngularJS, JQuery, React-native, but I still maintain my skillset in WP to assist many more businesses everyday. Because of its stability and well-supported, I decided to join WP community and contribute my plugins since 2015. I wish I could’ve done that earlier. Everyday if I don’t code in WP framework or WP plugin, I feel every empty or missing something. It becomes part of my career and my life.

Contributions Sponsored

247AppsStudio contributes 20 hours per week to the following teams: Community, Design, Hosting, Plugins, Support, Test, Themes.

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