You can find my playlist on Spotify by searching for ircurts. Maybe that works at… well you get the idea? Try it out like with or maybe twitter and other places.


I grow cannabis, am bisexual, intelligent, a follower of the word of Christ but not a Christian. I am really so much more though.

WordPress Origin Story

WordPress is a standard platform and a heck of a lot friendlier to work with than Dupral or most of the other platforms.

Hey! let’s make use of this space, right? WordPress and so many other platforms are as easy to host and use as using windows or other operating systems. If you host your own website and use your domain be sure that you host with a company that has cPanel as an interface for you to manage your website. There is nearly always a Softalicious app installer included with cPanel hosting. That was how I installed WordPress after the first time. The first time I actually downloaded it and uploaded it to my domain, that was harsh.

The point of writing all that out is to say, hosting your own domain with an awesome platform like WordPress is as easy to learn as what you have learned to get online and read my profile. Heck, I might just log in and write this out as a blog post!

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    It gives me enough control and adds a lot of features.