Graydon Schwartz, a Madison, Wisconsin-based digital creator, combines his passion for travel and aerial photography with a deep interest in technology and personal development. A licensed drone pilot, he captures breathtaking landscapes, exploring the world from a unique perspective. Embracing sustainability, he’s also enthusiastic about electric vehicles.


Graydon Schwartz has a diverse range of interests including drone photography, travel, electric vehicles, meditation, and hiking. He combines his passion for the outdoors with his skills in aerial photography, capturing stunning landscapes and nature scenes. Additionally, he is enthusiastic about electric vehicles, reflecting a keen interest in sustainable and innovative technology. His website also suggests a dedication to personal development and wellness, as indicated by his interest in meditation.

WordPress Origin Story

In the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, lived Graydon, a digital creator with a profound love for the skies. His journey began under the vast expanse of the Australian sky, where the vibrant colors of the sunset ignited his passion for aerial photography. With a drone in hand and a vision in mind, he soared over icy landscapes in Iceland and lush forests in Canada, capturing the world’s beauty from a bird’s eye view.

Back home, a chance encounter at a Tony Robbins seminar opened new horizons for him. It was more than just a motivational talk; it was a call to adventure, urging him to chase experiences beyond the ordinary. Guided by this newfound zeal, Graydon explored the serene trails of Wisconsin, his drone gliding above, intertwining his love for nature and technology.

His adventures didn’t stop there. Inspired by the power of electric vehicles, he embarked on road trips across the United States, his drone faithfully recording every moment. At night, under the stars, he’d reflect on his journey, sharing tales of his travels, the serenity of meditation, and the thrill of exploration on his blog, touching lives far and wide.

Graydon’s story is a testament to the power of dreams and the beauty of capturing the world from above, a tale of a man who found his calling among the clouds.

For more about the real Graydon Schwartz, you can visit his website [here](

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