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I am an Ambulance driving, coffee drinking, magic performing, WordPress coding, Eagle Scout soaring kind of guy.

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WordPress Origin Story

I’ve always enjoyed magic for as long as I remember. When I was in high school, that was when the David Blaine specials ran on TV in the USA. That’s when I started to actually learn and perform magic. While in school, I was definitely one of the weird kids. Shy in normal conversations but not in front of a full crowd performing. Back in middle school, I was one of few who understood and actually enjoyed learning QBasic. Later in high school, I went through the pilot program for learning the CCNA course in high school, although I never did take the certification test.

A few years out of high school, after a semi-failed attempt at college, I was working as an EMT-B for an ambulance service, but I really wanted to make an attempt at being a professional magician. I found Charfish Design and had them build my first website. Charlie created a web design, logo, and business card for me, and he built the site on the WordPress platform, and that is the first time I even heard of it. Based on the timeline that would have been Version 2.7.1, and 2.8 would have been released not long after.

Over time I wanted to make changes, and being a self-proclaimed computer geek, I dug in and started adding features like the Custom Menu Management feature that were a part of the WordPress 3.0 release and turning a line of text that was hard coded in PHP into a widget area that I could edit from the admin area. I taught myself about modifying themes, and then creating plugins.

As I got more involved in the community of fellow magicians, my name got out as someone who knew how to work on WordPress websites. Now I do some performing, code some websites, and help sick people.