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Marketing expert with and MBA, however I happen to be involved in social media since 2008. I was forced to retire and I dislike this status very much… always looking something to do… $ is always needed, but seems that helping others for FREE is rewarding. Nevertheless, I am a freelance consultant in marketing, communication and social media.

WordPress Origin Story

My Wife! – She was the one who forced me to get involved with WordPress. She asked me to help her in making her dream a reality by putting a website in the Internet; to help people pray and learn more about Jesus, plus it had to be in Spanish. Thus, the problem was rather difficult for me since my programming or coding skills were/are rather limited. Long story short, in 2008 there were not to many platforms and WordPress was kind of new, but I had a feeling that WordPress was going to become a very important platform, because of its simplicity, user friendly and strong backbone in manipulating data and rendering beautiful websites. I did have difficulty in finding themes that will have Spanish language translated version, but I found one… bought some books and my wife dream came true… earning me some points!