I am a self-professed junkie since 2.5 and a fan since before then!

I love WordPress for the creativity it encourages and unleashes – it’s amazing the things you can do with WordPress! – and I love how it has given me both another avenue of communication and another road to helping others express themselves.

Where I’m no PHP rockstar, I know how to rock out the HTML, CSS, and graphic design and I enjoy helping people get their WordPress to work and look right for them.


WordPress, front-end web design, graphic design, writing, illustrating, being creative, creative communications, helping people to get their WordPress to work for them, providing comprehensive customer/client support

WordPress Origin Story

My WordPress origin story begins with just a little bit before the time of 2.5.

As someone who was working with front-end web design and was looking to build a personal site that would be more blog-integration friendly, I investigated Movable Type and then TypePad… which ultimately led me to WordPress – specifically,

After working with multiple blogs at .com, a time came where I started wanting more administrative freedom in terms of website management and also wanted to work on my own themes and so right after 2.5 was released, I moved on to self-hosted, self-installed WordPress which moved me to the .org community and I have been there ever since.

Besides being a front-end web designer, I’m a writer and an illustrator and for the longest time before meeting WordPress, I thought that the only way for someone like me (who wasn’t the most familiar with scripting and the like) to seamlessly integrate static content with dynamically generated content was to totally hand over the building of my website to someone else or for me or try and customize and juggle multiple web applications at once on one website to get the functionality that I wanted and needed.

Then I met WordPress and everything changed… and for the better.

WordPress has not only given me the ability to give my websites the functionality that I have been looking for, but it has also fostered within me a greater and better, “I -can-!” attitude.

From, “Yes, I CAN create Child Themes to make stylistic changes,” to “Yes, I CAN build my own standalone theme,” to “Yes, I CAN help others with their WordPress installs and make contributions to the WordPress community and project,” I’m personally kind of amazed at just how much WordPress has enriched my life beyond the scope of website design and development and that right there is probably the most important thing of all.

WordPress isn’t perfect (but since when is anything ever perfect?), but it’s for me and I sincerely love it.

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