With qualified and experienced staff, offer home-based tuition homeschooling and mentorship.

Save yourself time and money. We link parents to Muslim schools, IGCSE schools, special schools at a click of a button.

We also link students to renowned foreign universities abroad across the world including Australia, USA, Canada, UK and other overseas countries

We provide placement services to teachers in our available vacancies.

For more details about our services, please contact us
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Education, Admissions, social media platforms, marketing and advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Google business, Pinterest, Facebook pages, integration, online marketing, branding, marketing campaigns

WordPress Origin Story

To use blogging tool to create powerful content management system that can handle any type of website. Use the platform for innovation and creativity, with themes and plugins that add functionality and design options in my WordPress sites.

Embrace WordPress principles of open source and democracy, giving everyone the freedom to use, modify and distribute the software as I wish.

Use WordPress in most popular website building for my businesses and organizations. Being vibrant and for diverse community of people, I wish to share my passion for creating and publishing online.

WordPress is not just software, it is a story of collaboration, empowerment and inspiration.


Elimuhub Tuition And Education Consultants contributes 5 hours per week to the following teams: CLI, Community, Core, Design, Documentation, Hosting, Marketing, Meta, Mobile, Openverse, Photos, Plugins, Polyglots, Support, Sustainability, Test, Themes, Tide, and Training.

  • Member Since: April 20th, 2017
  • Location: Muhoho Avenue, South C Nairobi
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  • GitHub: Elimuhub-coder
  • Job Title: CEO and Founder
  • Employer: Elimuhub Education Consultants
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