I’m Just Learning, I like coding and website development, but I am a Newbie!

WordPress Origin Story

I started using WordPress, one of those days when I also discovered the Linux operating system, such as Kali Linux and Ubuntu, and Ubuntu Server such as Ubuntu Studio as “Musician, my career”, but some of the thousands of tutorials and guides to learn how to develop websites, Linux Ubuntu for example. having WordPress desktop as one of your apps included in Gnome software or Ubuntu software like the Snap store installs easily but I like to get everything manually if I can do it now I have practiced over and over how to install WordPress in my desktop environment , just like localhost, but never stop, I discovered Ngrok, to expose my WordPress… it’s very hard to get it working, but I also tried to expose my websites on Tor, like the onion website, and I can say: it is very difficult to make it work… finally i realized that i have a lot of experience to get anything from the internet and the most correct thing is that i can get almost everything for free… and WordPress and Linux development are for now after all. My favorite couple of things that I have as priorities are very important things to do in my whole life… and I want to learn every day one and other things from these two main activities of my whole life.

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