I’m a WordPress developer for Wier/Stewart, a creative agency based in Augusta, Georgia. I made my first website in 1996. I am a former Adobe Influencer. I founded/organized RefreshAugusta which held regular events from 2008-2014. In 2009, I helped organize the first WordCamp held in Atlanta, GA. For several years, I live-tweeted on behalf of several conferences in the Southeastern US, including Web Afternoon, ConvergeSE, and ConvergeFL. In 2013, I brought WebAfternoon to Augusta with speakers like Jared Spool, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Carl Smith, Bryan Veloso, and more.


Star Wars, LEGO, movies.

WordPress Origin Story

I built my own rudimentary CMS using ColdFusion back in the day. When it no longer satisfied my needs, I started looking at other options. Blogger allowed you to publish to your own server and I hacked together something that would publish posts with CFM markup/includes… but it still wasn’t enough. Then my buddy Will Sansbury told me about WordPress.

It was rough, but it did everything I wanted my site to do and more. I was hooked and quickly migrated over to using it for everything I could.

Years later I’m still loving WordPress.

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