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I am a single mom, business owner, and webmaster of 4 sites.

WordPress Origin Story

I was searching for a website builder that allowed me to put together a buy and sell site that would do exactly what I wanted without having to figure out how to code. That’s when I came across WordPress. I was super impressed and excited when I first took a look at the library of plugins that could be used and the themes that were available! It’s been the best thing that could have ever happened to me!! I have even learned a ton about simple style sheet changes and html, etc. I have been using WordPress for over 3 years now and already have 4 sites! I love it so much that it’s almost an addiction! I can’t wait to start the next site and watch it grow from the bare framework to a fully loaded, awesome and powerful website! The makers of WordPress are absolute geniuses! And the plugin designers are like little miracles! WordPress literally saved my life! I am a disabled mom who is forced to work from home because of severe fibromyalgia and a weak heart and I was seriously depressed until I found hope with WordPress! Building working businesses sites that allow me to connect with the world and make money has given my life meaning again! I tried to figure out how to code and was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t think I would ever be able to build a site the way I really wanted it without being rich enough to hire someone to do it for me! But WordPress makes it all easy! Even the least technical person can make beautiful websites without too much effort! 🙂

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