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WordPress Origin Story

Worked on WordPress off and on for over 10 years during the 201X and beyond. But my main CMS was Drupal because of its more sophisticated programming model. Then when I was faced with finding a flexible social network that I could easily modify, I was forced to reconsider WordPress with BuddyPress and BuddyBoss instead of Open Social from Drupal. Now I am using WordPress for many websites and wish that I had made the switch earlier. WordPress leaves the plugin developers to set up their own approach and just keeps the core stable versus Drupal being more opinionated about certain best practices. Over time I see how this has led to the free market coming up with more usable solutions for WordPress. So now, I am thankful to have all these options available for WordPress. Premium versions may cost extra, but it is well worth saving the extra development time in many cases. A good case for the free market prevailing.

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