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Do you remember meeting this know-it-all internet development consultant who went on about PHP, Apache, MySQL, Linux and blah blah blah for like 54 minutes and 36 seconds?

Well that was me, or maybe it was someone like me. The fact is there are many many interesting people around the world passionate about the internet.
BUT what makes me unique is –

One: I have hell lot of experience after spending more than 52,000 hours in these last 6 years building awesome stuff on the internet.

Two: I have played many different roles in my career span including that of web developer, web designer, database designer, PHP developer and many more that’s just too techie to tell.

Three: I was born to parents who were very patient in raising me, persistent about my education and creative about handling me and my ingenious ways and I think they have passed all their genes to me making me one hell of a creative, patient and persistent genius.

But that’s just a lot of information about me to be passing around on the internet. I am really paranoid that one day aliens are going to capture and take me to their planet so that they can whack open my skull and study my brain cells to develop intelligence on their planet. So I will just talk about other non-important boring things.