Software engineer, website designer and PHP and JavaScript programmer and familiar with the frameworks of these two languages and also proficient in HTML, CSS and databases.
Familiar with assembly language, BASIC, Pascal, C++ and Java.
I have also worked in the field of network and security.


Programming, Database design, Network and Security

WordPress Origin Story

Due to my interest in open-source projects and my professional relationship with the content management system and the easier setting up of small projects due to this powerful content management system, I have been working with Word Press for several years and benefit from its power in the field of work. The widespread popularity of this CMS motivated me to develop plugins for more productivity.


Reza Asadi contributes 10 hours per week to the following teams: Core, Mobile, and Polyglots.

  • Member Since: November 23rd, 2022
  • Location: Iran
  • Website:
  • GitHub: asadister
  • Job Title: CEO
  • Employer: Peyvand Negar Software Group
  • Find me on:

فارسی (Persian) Translation Contributor - #fa_IR

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