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Step Three: Add the new MP4 video you wish to convert to the new project window. This can be accomplished, depending on the program, by either dragging it into the new project window or opening it from the toolbar. Be sure to open it and place into the correct window so as not to make any mistakes during the conversion process.

Step Four: Select the desired theme for the DVD menus. Many of the conversion programs have templates built in for the DVD menu layout convert arf to mp4. For specific information on this, please refer to the specific program instructions on how to best perform this step.

Step Five: Insert a blank disc into the computer’s burning drive, then select the option to burn a new DVD. At this point, depending upon the program being used, will be asked if you would like the disc coded as NTFS or PAL. The NTFS option works best in the United States. Please note the conversion and burning process can take a fair amount of time; patience is necessary during this final step. When the conversion and burning is complete, the disc will be ready for viewing.