Loves to visualize and conceptualize technology. Creates powerful website using WordPress at TheCreatology. Plays soccer and sometime irritates people.


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WordPress Origin Story

During the graduation in 2005, I encountered PHP-BB, a popular & self-hosted community forum solution. Having a local football in Noida called Ruggers, we decided to create an online community where all our players could login and manage their profiles and gallery. However, it offered limited features only, until I intentionally cracked its main theme to dive deep in the core. It’s fun and everybody liked the idea to keep in touch with that community, where I was learning the architecture of dynamic websites.
A year later, Google came up with Blogspot service and its revenue generation programs. It was the time when MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut used to rule Social media. It’s a time when people started sharing knowledge and get popular. And, then I discovered about WordPress, which was an alternative and a self hosted solution, just like PHP-BB was. I liked its User Interface and started understanding its hooks and filters. In early 2008, I was able to design my first WordPress theme with custom options to load Logo, Menu and other widget related options. Since then, WordPress offered the flexibility to achieve almost any feature which could ease its user and I was just respecting the facts with design-development.
After the graduation I started serving clients, found via twitter looking for WordPress developers. In 2011, I started my own venture with TheCreatology. Since then, I’m working as a Web Enthusiastic Designer at TheCreatology, delivering Web Solutions by means of WordPress.

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