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I’m a freelancer in web development and web design with a flare for WordPress; and I also do Facebook/Instagram marketing.
I’ve provided services for various sizes and kinds of businesses and people.
During my employment years, I worked with media houses and newspaper and magazine publishers.


Web design, Web development, Digital marketing

WordPress Origin Story

I started dabbling into WordPress in 2008. Then it was because I wanted to extend the reach of the magazine I was working with to the Internet. I had tried and was trying a lot of web building and CMS solutions but got hooked on WordPress, not even being a developer at all.

From there, I started to make a personal business out of my WordPress interest and a few years ago, began learning more of HTML and CSS, and just recently, I started learning PHP too. (My learning likely won’t end there).

It’s awesome and loads of fun working with WordPress, and thank God, I’ve actually become a better person because of the existence of WordPress.

Thanks WordPress, and keep up the great work.

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