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Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant & Web Analyst

Academics: Business researcher specialized in entrepreneurship.

Experience: Considering my academics, I Initiated more than dozen ventures in 2016 – 2017, mentored & consulted several nation wide and international SMEs. Re-build business plans of over 30 companies based in Pakistan and London, United Kingdom.

A part from my academics, my current focus is totally on Web Marketing, Sales, SEO Consultancy, mobile and web app development while practicing machine learning, Intelligent automation and neural networks; in short, Data Science.


Data Science, Big Data Query, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Entrepreneurship, SEO

WordPress Origin Story

It was my 13th venture http://nextgenerationmoms.com/ I was ended up with my financial assets while exploring multiple business ideas, still I was a nascent entrepreneur. For NGM I started planning again from zero, I had only $80 with me and that was all what I had to cope up with my daily life expenses along with backing my new venture having only Eighty dollars in my pocket.
After failing 12 ventures what i knew was, that creating a successful venture dont really needs bulk of finance; indeed, a worthwhile business plan along with a “best team” would be the only road map to get you a “Brand” of your dreams.
Secondly, being an entrepreneurial researcher my research study defined it very clearly that; entrepreneur’s self efficacy is the only variable that defines the venture’s extent of success. Meanwhile, the extent to which you feel yourself a successful businessman; your success in generating leads in market would be the mirror copy of that confidence in you. And this is the only reason that defined the extent of my starting success days. I was crazy to get the desired outcomes, whatever time, hard work or patience was required in all my projects. Secondly, I never looked back. What i knew was that I will be owning an empire ahead, that can be the input to my long term plans to develop a “Silicon Valley” type of “Tech Colony” in my home town.