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I have a site http://buybestlinks.com and though I have at least a few plugins to avoid all the spammers, still haven’t been able to deactivate the emails despite all the info on the issue

As opposed to the blueberry theme I was using, I unintentionally deleted my site; tried to install wp into the wrong file/folder

At any rate, now I’m using headway theme, it seems its just alittle better for my site than most other themes

But the issue of emails; no matter where in my dashboard I look, I see alot of different things but not what I’m looking for and apparently its a self hosted site http://buybestlinks.com

There are those who might have something to say but are afraid of the emails so some sort of solution would be appreciated

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WordPress Origin Story

How did I get involved with wordpress? I was lead to believe wordpress was the easiest way to make a blog

Originally when I first got http://buybestlinks.com up and running, no mean feat since I was seriously new to all of this

But that being said, I feel like a bit of a novice now since I reckon everything you can do wrong to your site I reckon I’ve covered and I’m the first to admit its costed me a fair bit to get things up and running again

The issue of emails is still up in the air so to speak so the sooner I get that bit resolved, the better

Thank You for reading