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Benefits of Yoga for Health

Practicing yoga every day can bring a number of health benefits. Yoga not only helps to control the disease, but also plays an important role to achieve relaxation and physical fitness. Here is among the benefits:
Eliminate Depression and Stress:

Certain yoga postures or movements to relieve stress from the body and mind. Yoga postures such as child posture, posture leaning forward, feet against the wall, the cat posture, and support the head are considered good for relieving depression and stress. Tests have shown a positive feedback yoga on depression and stress, because participants reported decreased levels of depression sharply.
Controlling Hypertension:

Yoga and relaxation techniques of yoga has a positive effect on blood pressure. Regular exercise on posture as Shavasana, and padmasana padmasana Baddha, along with pranayama techniques such as chandravedi and sheetali, helps reduce blood pressure. This posture keep your body and mind in a relaxed state. A study on the benefits of yoga in controlling blood pressure showed positive results, compared with placebo treatment.
Yoga for a Healthy Heart: