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I am from the UK and have always been involved in some capacity with IT, the majority of my 20 years in business however is predominantly internet related and for the marketing thereof.

I find myself residing in Almaty Kazakhstan, but expect to start traveling again in the not too distant future.

I have a welth of experience with CMS Foundation Platforms such as WP, Joomla! and Drupal and would like to help anyway I can in the shaping and molding of how things develop in the future; if I can help you with anything – don’t hesitate to ask.


Over the next twenty years, I wish to see myself working on projects that make the biggest difference to our everyday lives; I have set myself the task of changing a few things that have become bug-bears of mine in the following sectors:

– Internet / Web Development
– Logistics
– Education (Teaching Methodologies and Technology Integration)

WordPress Origin Story

AS a web developer I have to ensure that I am literate with the three most popular foundation platforms used for websites or which WP is the most popular in the world; I have therefore been using it and helping others with it from the early days and had the pleasure of watching it grow in the same you would a child! ))

I look forward to seeing what happens next…

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