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Why named “Mat Bao” (Storm Eye)?

Although the company is active in the field of technology, but Mat Bao name’s birth was inspired from … music. When starting his business, Mr. Le Hai Binh (now the Chairman) stumbled upon the Storm symphony of Vanessa Mae with a very powerful and passionate melody, as his determination at that time. Then, he decided to name the company with the word Storm, and the final completed name is Mat Bao!

Above all, Mat Bao is the focal point of the storm, the most peaceful place in the whirlpool. Therefore, Mat Bao always wants all its members and customers in a safe, quiet, most peaceful place despite everything around with rotation, or fluctuation.

Scope of business

Mat Bao is well-known in the country and abroad as a company operating in many IT fields: data center, International and Vietnam domain name registrar, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server, development of management application, web infrastructure, solutions for website development and web-based applications, etc. In addition, Mat Bao also participates in the market of providing business process outsourcing (BPO) – mainly human resources and customer care.

Philosophy: On the road to becoming number 1.

Many companies think that they are the 1st position. But with Mat Bao, our goals are always changing, and challenges become more difficult over time. Once reaching a destination, Mat Bao wants to stay at a better and further milestone. So, Mat Bao was never the number 1, but on the road to conquer and become the number 1.

WordPress Origin Story

Coming to WordPress is a coincidence of team members. As the number of websites today is increasing, especially the rate of WordPress source codes is always the most prominent, we always cherish in mind how to develop services that meet the needs of WordPress today, from which we have launched the service “Website hosting exclusively for WordPress source codes” with the first version in 2010 and has developed until today. Our team understands and has experienced WordPress well enough to continuously develop more rewarding products for the WordPress community.

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