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I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime. One most worthy mentioning, I spent 16 years as a fenestration consultant (fancy for window & door specialist) for one of the top 100 building supply companies in the nation.  The greatest aspect I can think of (and there are many!) was dealing with people and the various personalities, methods of thinking, and reasoning used to make decisions. But the most exciting part of it all undoubtedly was direct involvement with the building project itself. Visiting the job site and monitoring progress I found to be very satisfying (think of Home Time & This Old House for instance) to know that I played a major role in the process.

I discovered a love for road biking shortly after having been laid off in 2008.  To help keep my mind focused on positive thoughts, I found cycling was a most successful activity for just that reason. What I didn’t realize or consider were the health benefits connected with it.  Weight loss, stress management, overall physical fitness, etc.

I enjoy the new me that I have become!


I love and or enjoy the following: Cycling, Running, Philosophy, Sociology, Reading, Technology