From UIUX on Figma to AWS EKS, I love working with everything on the web. WordPress is a new adoption to my tool belt and I’m really loving what it enables me to do.


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WordPress Origin Story

I started my own company 2 years after my graduation from college after working for a startup for 1year, I was very one-directional in thinking. WordPress has always been something that I was trying to avoid since it was a vast ocean and there are bad rumors on how “plugins can break your site” but eventually understanding my market and clients I came to the decision I have to start using WordPress to deliver websites faster, my eyes were on using WordPress with elementor. As I have grown more understanding of the ecosystem, I now understand why WordPress exists and why I need it. I’m currently focusing on learning how to use WordPress as a headless CMS using rest-api to power my front-end development.

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