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  • Posted a reply to slow loading time, on the site Forums:
    Install WP FASTEST CACHE it might help. Also optimize the images there is much steps…

  • Posted a reply to Can’t login different user, stuck with 1 user, on the site Forums:
    Are you trying to use same emailaddress for the users?

  • Posted a reply to Redirected when trying to get to the Log in Screen, on the site Forums:
    Try this:

  • Posted a reply to Remove admin menu elements, on the site Forums:
    Hi, For the plugins you need to edit the coding in plugins maps.

  • Posted a reply to can’t install the blog, on the site Forums:
    Hi, Are you trying to install wordpress from scratch? Which site is it? Can you…

  • Posted a reply to can’t install the blog, on the site Forums:
    Hi, Edit wp-config.php From: define('WP_DEBUG', false); To: define('WP_DEBUG', true); To check the errors.

  • Posted a reply to Muffin Builder in BeTheme does not save the content changed., on the site Forums:
    Hi, Do you have any cache plugin activated?

  • Posted a reply to YOAST SEO, on the site Svensk support:
    Hej, Stötte på samma problem hos en av våra kunder men löste det genom att…