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— Motto: “Less is more.” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)

WordPress Origin Story

Have been looking for ages for an easy-to-use — and easy-to-maintain — CMS for end users. Think small non-profits, small businesses, single traders. They don’t have specialized IT knowledge usually, and cannot invest a lot of money “just for a website”. WP eventually was the one I was looking for, mainly due to the options of automating updates/upgrades (using a plugin at the time) and a — now sadly unmaintained — plugin that allowed for hiding away unnecessary menu options for different user levels (something that should be automatically done by WP core, I believe. Plus, the plethora of plugins and themes seemed to offer a quick solution to almost any imaginable problem. I see things a bit more differentiated. But WP is still miles ahead to most other contenders, and I yet to see another CMS you can comfortably admin from your smartphone browser (not counting remote administration via ssh here, as it is not a solution for the target group).